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General Admissions Information

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Students interested in applying to a degree program at SDSU within the School of Art and Design can find information about specific admission requirements to different degree plans in this section.

There are two main classifications of student status within the School: graduate and undergraduate. There are three degrees offered for graduate students within the School of Art and Design:

  • Master of Arts (Art History)
  • Master of Arts (Studio Arts)
  • Master of Fine Arts

Graduate applicants should be aware that there are at least two parts to the application process: 1) sending general materials to the university Graduate and Research Affairs office and 2) sending materials to the School of Art and Design specific to the degree program you are seeking. Please click on the graduate admissions link for specific requirements for each.

Undergraduates have two degree options within the School of Art and Design:

  • B.A. degree in liberal arts and sciences
  • B.A. degree in applied arts and sciences

Each of these undergraduate degree options requires an emphasis in a specific art discipline. To learn more about these area disciplines and programs, please read more in the undergraduate admissions link.

Other students interested in enrolling in courses can do so through "Open University" via the Extended Studies program(external link) on campus.

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