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Undergraduate Studies

Degrees, Emphases, and Specializations Defined

Silver Teapot by Ayuko Izumi

There are two degrees undergraduates can pursue while majoring in Art at SDSU: BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences, and the BA in Applied Arts and Sciences. Students in these degree plans must choose an "emphasis" that corresponds to the degree plan. There are eight undergraduate emphases offered, and one of these emphases has very developed specializations with specialized faculty and facilities, as detailed below. Please note that you can click on the degree to download a course checklist for each emphasis:

Major Degrees Offered

Major in Art with the B.A. degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences

Major in Art with the B.A. degree in Applied Arts and Sciences

*Documents in Portable Document Format (PDF) require Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher to view. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader(external link).

NOTE: The "sub-emphases" within the Painting and Printmaking emphasis are not identified as "specializations" for degree purposes. This list of disciplines is only to identify additional facilities and courses taught under the umbrella of Painting and Printmaking.

Degree Minors Offered

Minor in art
Minor in art history

Art Education

Partial Preparation for Single Subject Teaching Credential With the B.A.Degree in Applied Arts and Sciences

This major may be used by students in teacher education as an undergraduate major for the B.A. degree in applied arts and sciences. In addition to the catalog course requirements, students must also pass the CSET examination to complete the degree. For more information, please download the course checklist for Art Education.

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