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School of Art+Design

Kotaro Nakamura

A public artist is commissioned to paint a mural of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the side of a freeway wall to represent human rights issues and history. Another faculty member shoots photos of the Salton Sea, examining changing climate, politics and the history of water in the Southern California desert through her lens. A painter creates prints of produce, addressing the human condition of migrant farm workers and the reality of our economy. A sculptor creates a 3D model of a nuclear power plant puffing smoke, just as a Japanese nuclear facility continues to leak radioactive water into the ocean and California’s own San Onofre power plant is shut down.

At the School of Art and Design at SDSU, we explore modern reality through the eyes of artists and designers by examining timely and timeless issues of equity, the natural and manmade environments, as well as the broader human condition. The subject matter and media may be different but we are all united in an effort to create a better world for future generations by teaching ideas and skills of the trade, investigating issues, and expressing answers in our own mediums.

We invite you to visit our exciting studios and meet our faculty and students in the applied design areas of Ceramics, Furniture, and Jewelry/Metals; in the fine arts areas of Drawing, Multimedia, Painting, and Sculpture; and in the design areas of Graphic Design and Interior Design. Our Downtown Gallery is conveniently located a few steps south of the Santa Fe Depot Train Station on Broadway, offering artistic exhibitions, events and lectures to the broader San Diego community.

Come join us!

Kotaro Nakamura
Interim Director
School of Art+Design, PSFA, SDSU

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