Black u magnet with white heads emerging from ends

Jordan Reeves, Untitled, 2020; mixed media; 42 x 61 x 25 inches; courtesy of the artist

[A]part: MFA Selections from SDSU School of Art + Design

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[A]part: MFA Selections from SDSU School of Art + Design showcases an overview of artworks created by 17 current MFA candidates. Working across multiple disciplines, the selection highlights each artist’s chosen media, investigating concepts of memory, transcultural experiences, social and gender issues, history, and belonging.

Through approaches ranging from representational to abstract and conceptual, the candidates’ explorations of personal experiences and technique offer opportunities for reflection and consideration of how our individual perspectives define and inform the way in which we make sense of and navigate the world around us. [A]part includes a variety of processes, with the selection of works sharing a common foundation of cultural, emotional, and physical space.

The artworks in this exhibition include media spanning ceramics, woodworking, and painting, to jewelry and metalwork, sculpture, and video. [A]part continues a legacy of camaraderie through the group exhibition experience, allowing our MFA candidates to utilize a virtual platform that transcends the imposed physical distance of our current social norm due to the pandemic.

View the virtual exhibition here: