Group dinner on patio at dusk

School of Art + Design’s Art Council Ambassador New Faculty Dinner at the home of Joyce Axelrod and Joe Fisch.

Become an Art Council Ambassador

Support the School of Art + Design and Enjoy Exclusive Benefits

The SDSU Art Council Ambassador Program is comprised of alumni, friends, and community members dedicated to supporting the School of Art + Design at SDSU. Art Council Ambassadors provide vital support to aspiring student artists, innovative programming and creative initiatives within the School. Art Council Ambassadors believe that the arts are essential for a healthy and vibrant community.

When you become an Art Council Ambassador, you will enjoy exclusive behind-the-scenes access to School programs, exhibitions, events, and lectures. You will also have the opportunity to take part in special tours of local museums, galleries and private collections. Most importantly, as an Art Council Ambassador, you will provide invaluable support to the students and faculty of the School of Art + Design by underwriting scholarships, awards, grants and programs that help each member of the SDSU School of Art + Design community reach his or her potential.

To become an Art Council Ambassador ($1,000/year or $84/month), or to donate at any level, please visit: