Dimana Zaharieva Undergraduate Senior Exhibition

Painting in blue hues of person holding head in hands
Artwork ©Dimana Zaharieva

Dimana Zaharieva generally describes her art as surrealist, as she draws a lot of her ideas from dreams and intuitive drawing. She is interested in the subconscious and how viewers interpret her mindscapes. The artist’s preferred subject is the human figure, often depicting female characters because that reflects her personal experience. She strives to portray power in femininity and to create female subjects who are dignified, relatable, and enigmatic. Zaharieva pursues the beauty of stillness, melancholy, and contemplation. Her characters exist as a statement in themselves but also as a question to the viewer.

Dimana Zaharieva was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and is currently pursuing a BA degree in Fine Art, with an emphasis on painting and printmaking at San Diego State University. The primary media of her artworks are painting, drawing, and digital media.

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