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Fall 2018 Visiting Artist Speakers

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Alesandra MoctezumaArtist, Curator, Critic, and Educator
September 11, 5:30pm SSW-1500

Tom Loeser“Please, Please, Please” Visiting Artist
September 18, 5:30pm SSW-1500

James BrownArchitect and Developer of Bread and Salt
Septermber 25, 5:30pm SSW-1500

Yomar AugustoGraphic Design, Muralist, and Painter
October 2, 5:30pm SSW-1500

Kensuke YamadaCeramics
October 9, 5:30pm SSW-1500

Torrey WestFashion Photographer, SDSU Alumnus
October 18, 5:30pm SSW-1500

Wise StudioCreative Entrepreneurs from Tijuana
October 23, 5:30pm SSW-1500

Kim Jung GiIllustrator
November 8, 5:30pm SSW-1500

Anne MudgeSculptor and Public Art
November 13, 5:30pm SSW-1500

Peter ScheidtConceptual Artist and Maker
November 20, 5:30pm SSW-1500

Andrew AlcasidSite-specific Artist
November 27, 5:30pm SSW-1500

Karl FritschJewelry and Metals
December 6, 5:30pm SSW-1500

For more information, visit: www.facebook.com/artistsinrealtime