Tijuana border wall at the ocean's edge

Anna Teresa Fernandez, Erasing the Border (Detail), 2012

Fall 2020 Course PSFA 320 – Learning From the Borderlands

Creativity and Communication in the Arts: Learning From the Borderlands

When: Fall 2020
Course Number: PSFA 320
When: Tuesday/Thursday – 11am – 12:15pm PST (Synchronous Virtual Meetings)
Instructor: Amy Sanchez-Arteaga

This course explores how contemporary art practices sited at different borders have dealt with issues of distance, isolation, and social/cultural exchange. How might we learn from these approaches in order to create more equitable and sustainable structures for collaboration in this time of pandemic?

“Learning From the Borderlands” will analyze a series of case studies in contemporary artistic and cultural production across different border contexts, with special emphasis on our local border region. Students will be asked to engage with the course content through reflective writing exercises and explore how borders are constructed discursively and geopolitically at the scale of the body, community, and nation-state.