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Make a Difference in the Life of an Art and Design Student

Become a Mentor for the School of Art and Design Alumni Mentorship Program

In March of 2020, as students at the School of Art and Design were readying for midterms, we received a notification from university officials that we needed to vacate campus due to the growing threat of COVID-19. Fortunately, our nimble faculty and staff, along with a very dedicated and hardworking IT team, ensured a relatively smooth transition from the classroom to a virtual learning environment in just a matter of weeks.

We found that a number of our students had a more difficult time making the transition, expressing a deep sense of isolation, despair, and anxiety about their future. We wanted to help. We reached out to our alumni and asked if they would like to serve as mentors to students who were struggling. We hoped that their experience as alumni and professionals in the field of art and design would provide valuable connection, community, and optimism to students facing feelings of isolation and anxiety about the state of art and design and their future careers.

We were thrilled with the enthusiastic response of our alumni willing to support students! Our mentors help students in many ways, such as: how to make art in a virtual environment, locating needed resources, applying to jobs in an economic recession, and learning about potential opportunities. Our students appreciate the support and connection they experience in mentorship.

In June, our inaugural team of 17 mentors, all compassionate and successful alumni from all areas of art and design, was paired with 17 eager student mentees. Now, exactly a year later, a number of those same mentors remain and we are so grateful.

Though we will be back on campus this fall and are no longer facing the pandemic-related challenges, we would like to continue offering this valuable mentorship program to our students.

If you are an alumna/us looking to contribute to the school in a personal, meaningful way, we would love to have you join our Alumni Mentorship Program. Please email to express you interest or to ask any questions.

Thank you!