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New Comics and Sequential Media Course to Debut at the School of Art + Design

This coming fall, SDSU’s School of Art + Design will add a new, exciting course to its regular offerings, Art 296: Comics and Sequential Media. Taught by filmmaker, artist, photographer and writer, Neil Kendricks, Art 296 will embrace the interdisciplinary world of comics and animation, photography and cinema, and will examine how these different media formats share similar strategies for communicating content and telling stories while remaining distinctly grounded in their own traditions, aesthetics, and histories.

“Having a course focused on the power, impact, influences, and nuances of visual storytelling is a natural fit for SDSU’s School of Art + Design,” said Kendricks. “A solid understanding of visual storytelling is essential for today’s budding artists as they move forward in their academic careers to forge their own paths as image makers of tomorrow.”

Art 296 is designed to increase the ability to comprehend and articulate visual proficiency through popular culture of graphic novel storytelling. After noticing a rising demand for time-based media such as bookmaking and video production courses at the School of Art + Design, Kotaro Nakamura, the School’s director, asked Kendricks to design and teach a course there.

Kendricks and Nakamura anticipate this new course will be a popular draw for students, especially since San Diego is the longtime home of Comic-Con International.

In addition to meeting the need for cartoon and animation study, Nakamura sees the topics covered in ART 296 as applying to other fields as well. “Storytelling is an important function of art media, especially in sequential media and in graphic design in general,” said Nakamura. “This course can also help interior architecture students better understand spatial design because as designers they need to think about people’s experience as they move through space.

ART 296 is a special topics course with the intent of becoming a general education course in the future.

ART 296 will be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 to 4:45 pm.