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Originally from southern California, I have been living in Brooklyn since 2005. I am currently a freelance Creative Technologist following productive periods at Infinia Group, Creative Source, Inc., Lippincott Mercer, and Transworld Media.

Well-versed and skilled in all the major creative, visual, and scripting programs, my work includes digital, print, physical and motion solutions for a wide variety of clients.

I am a graduate of the University of the Arts, where I earned a BFA in Graphic Design in 2004. My thesis project received the Senior Degree Project Award as well as being selected for publication in the prestigious Graphis Interactive Design Annual. I am currently in my second year at NYU ITP studying programming, interactive design, electrical engineering and much more.

I have traveled throughout the world studying design and its impact on various cultures. When I am not working or traveling, I like to indulge in baseball, playing and composing music, skateboarding, bodyboarding and snowboarding.

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