Avery Caldwell

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Assistant Professor
Graphic Design
Design Area Coordinator



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Art North - 314A


As an experienced creator and educator of design and visualization, I integrate the creative process in all aspects my professional life. I describe it as a happy symbiosis between life, love, and work. For over 25 years, my professional accomplishments span across the fields of architecture, digital art, graphic design, multimedia, and visualization. A few notable positions in my past include Art Director for Art Connoisseur Magazine, Design Coordinator for Cal Fed Bank, and Art Director for Chef Works. I have taught at several academic institutions including UCLA, Concordia University, Golden West College, and Saddleback College. In addition to teaching, I own and operate a design firm, From Form 2 Morf, where I have produced work for clients such as Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Disney, and the Discovery Channel Network, to name a few. I’ve studied at Southern California Institute of Architecture, Claremont Graduate University and hold a Bachelors’ Degree in Fine Art and a Master’s Degree in Architecture from UCLA.

My teaching philosophy focuses on creating a learning environment that is interactive and collaborative – and one that promotes problem-solving and critical thinking skills. I encourage students to creatively explore their craft and to vigorously push the boundaries of their skill, methods, and the current tools available to them. I welcome classrooms that are accommodating to a diverse population of students and their learning styles, and support campuses that prepare students for a pluralistic society by practicing inclusion and appreciating diversity.

Be passionate about your work, explore your ideas with exhaustion, think process, commit to lifelong learning, and fiercely believe that informed design has the intrinsic quality to create positive change in the world.”