Teaching Associate

Graduate students are eligible to apply for a Teaching Associate (TA) position upon successful completion of ART 792: Pedagogy of Art and Design. TA assignments provide students the opportunity to participate directly in the teaching activities of the university, primarily for lower division studio courses. Position duties include: providing direct classroom or laboratory instruction (including tutoring), creating assignments and preparing course materials, administering critiques/exams, and assessing student performance. A graduate teaching associate is the instructor of record for the course they teach and is paid a monthly salary that varies by appointment level.

Graduate Assistant

Graduate Assistants provide instructionally-related services to undergraduate students or may be assigned duties that directly support faculty research activities. Graduate  assistants are available in most San Diego State University departments and schools.  Graduate assistants must be admitted to San Diego State University with classified or conditionally classified graduate standing. 

Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistants “shadow” tenured or tenure-track faculty members who are the instructors of record for a course. They assist in the classroom for credit, as part of their enrollment in ART 792: Pedagogy of Art and Design. Successful completion of ART 792 is required for application for a TA ( teaching associate) position.