Master of Arts (Studio Arts)

Admission to the Degree Curriculum

All students must satisfy the general requirements for admission to the university with classified graduate standing, as described in Part Two of the Graduate Bulletin. In general, students must have completed an undergraduate major in art with a minimum of 24 upper division units, including two semesters of work in the general history of art, before they will be permitted to enter the graduate program. Students must also be able to show that they are adequately advanced to carry out projects which measure up to graduate standards. In studio areas this requirement will be measured by a formal presentation (the Graduate Review) to the emphasis area faculty of a portfolio of examples of the candidate’s undergraduate or postbaccalaureate work. The range should be great enough to give the committee a knowledge of the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. A statement of the candidate’s objectives in the graduate program should accompany this presentation. If it is determined that the student is capable of doing graduate art work, he/she may be permitted to begin such work even though he/she has not completed an appropriate undergraduate major in art. Those students whose work is insufficiently advanced for classified graduate standing may enroll for courses through Open University, in order to meet the standard requirements. In addition to meeting the requirements for admission to the university, students wishing to be admitted to the art history graduate program with a classified graduate standing must complete the equivalent of the graduation requirements as specified in the current General Catalog (a minimum of 39 units of art history to include Art 593).

Students who do not meet the requirements for admission to the graduate program in art history but meet the requirements for graduate admission to the university, may, at the discretion of the art history faculty, be accepted with conditional standing.

Advancement to Candidacy

In addition to meeting the requirements for advancement to candidacy as described in Part Two of this bulletin, all students must have (1) completed a minimum of 30 units on the official program with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 [B]; and (2) been reviewed by the graduate faculty of the emphasis area and received approval of an acceptable body of graduate work completed since classified standing fulfilling the requirements of the area of emphasis.

Specific Requirements for the Master of Arts Degree

In addition to meeting the requirements for classified graduate standing and the basic requirements for the master’s degree as described in Part Two of the Graduate Bulletin, all students must complete a graduate program of a minimum of 30 units which includes at least 24 units in art from courses listed below as acceptable on master’s degree programs in art, of which at least 16 units must be in 600- and 700-numbered courses.

Specific to Studio Arts (Major Code: 10021)

Those electing studio arts must complete a minimum of 18 units in the area of specialization. Art 694, 760, and 799A are required. Not more than a total of six units in Art 798 will be accepted. A creative project accompanied by a written report is required as fulfillment of Art 799A. In conjunction with this project, each candidate for the degree must present an exhibition of representative graduate work.