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When asking people about their passions, most will include traveling as one of them. I love to travel. What better way to experience life than to wander the planet? Originally from Israel, I am no stranger to wandering. My traveling led me across Europe where I sold cheap art on the streets to fund further wandering. From there I traveled South East Asia in and out for a few years, mostly in India, and even ventured to Africa for a short while. After a few years working in the graphic design industry in Tel-Aviv, I decided to pursue my master’s degree further east, in Japan where I lived for four years. My last stop was San Diego. It’s not easy to travel with four family members, a dog, a cat, and two guinea pigs, so I had to stop. To say that my viewpoint expanded as a result of wandering would be an understatement. I will forever view myself as a citizen of the world, with a broad vision to share.

As a professional, I possess over 20 years of graphic design experience which I acquired in three different countries. These days I find myself working at the intersection of graphic design, eCommerce, and digital marketing. Drawing knowledge from several fields allows me to cross-reference, apply and share knowledge over several disciplines, with the ultimate goal of creating tangible ROI on design.

As a design educator, I believe that the only thing stopping a student from being the best designer they can be is themselves. My goal is to cut through the self-judgment, insecurity, laziness, and self-doubt, to find the best possible designer that each one of my students can become.


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